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Dear Entrepreneur and Business owner,

Great to have you here.

The world of business evolves day by day.  And as entrepreneurs, we are always looking for new ways of promoting and growing our businesses.

Welcome to Ezone Direct, a platform that connects the consumer and business owner in a profitable and rewarding style.  Creating a win-win relationship.

So what is Ezone Direct?

Ezone Direct is Nigeria’s foremost Business Directory and Consumer Guide.

It is a print publication with a robust online portal, offering detailed information on products and services.

Whether print or  Digital, Ezone Direct, provides a comprehensive catalog of products, services, and Brands to make consumer shopping easy, fast, accurate, and enjoyable.

Ezone Direct links the consumer with producers of products and services.

As an online or offline shopper, you don’t have to step out of your space to locate that item or service you want!

With Ezone Direct, all relevant buying information is at your fingertips.

So How does the Directory work?

Ezone Direct spotlights different neighborhoods or areas in our major cities.  The areas are classified as Business Zones.  The Directory offers a comprehensive listing of businesses and products in each Zone.

In Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial hub and economic capital, Ezone Direct,  classify the city into six different zones.

The zones are as follows:

Lagos Island
Victoria Island


Hence, the Print version  – comes as six different publications. Each book provides complete information about the Zone it covers.

What’s in the Print Edition and Online?

The Directory gives you information on various products and services.   Also, it provides contact details of the brands behind the products/services.   By providing a comprehensive listing and accurate land maps.

Ezone Direct is entertaining, educative, and informative.   It is a platform for learning and sharing information. It features content such as product reviews, corporate spotlight, property pages, company/business listings, human interest stories, as well as consumer feedback.

Ezone Direct is the perfect shopping guide, that helps you as a consumer, find products or services you want with ease.

While for the Entrepreneur and Business owner, it is the ultimate tool for promoting your products and services.

It brings the two parties together  – that is, the customer and the producer.  Helping businesses generate leads and land customers.

That is why successful entrepreneurs and business owners list their products/services on E-zone.  It is free and super-effective in generating sales.

List your business in the print and online directory. Promote your product and services. Boost sales and increase revenue.



How Good is the Printed Copy? 

Ezone Direct is a high-quality print publication.    It comes in full-color, with its content well-indexed.  The layout is user-friendly and the print easy to read.

It is a great platform to advertise your products and services.  Sign-up to do that now.


So where can I find copies to buy?


You can get a copy from us.  By reaching out via email, telephone, through our social media pages or this website.

But the Directory is also available at a variety of places including:

   Petrol Stations
• Fast Food Outlets

  •    Book Stores,
    • Strategically Located stores/shops
    • Hotels, Airports, and Resorts
    • Through online subscription, etc.

How To Advertise in Ezone Direct and Take Advantage of the JumboPro Package

Online Advert

List online at our website – Place your advertisement on www.ezonedirect.com.ng for three months and enjoy massive exposure to thousands of consumers – at an affordable rate of N30,000.00


Online And Print Advert

Grab the double benefit of advertising your product on our website and in the print copy of the Directory.

Your Advert will appear on our website for three months and will feature in the six different publications of Ezone Direct (for a quarter). At the rate of N60, 000.00.

“People shop and learn in a whole new way compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt or risk extinction.” –Brian Halligan, founder & CEO of HubSpot

So, what are you waiting for? List your business and advertise on our website.

Take advantage of these attractive rates on the Jumbo Pro Campaign and expose your business to the world.

Call: TJ on 0903-765-3000, leave a comment below, follow us on social media, or send a mail to info@ezonedirect.com.ng

We look forward to seeing your Advertisement in Ezone Direct, so we can celebrate your success story and inspire others to follow.

In the words of Zig Ziglar – See you at the top.

From The Publisher