Standing the Test of Time: How To succeed in Business, Stay Ahead of the Competition, And Remain Relevant in your Industry.

Dear Entrepreneur and Business Owner,

Let’s talk about books.

What title are you reading now?

Or perhaps, when was the last time you read one?

One of the most condescending quotes I have ever heard about reading goes like this:

“If you want to hide something from a black man, put it in a book.”

I do not know the source of this falsehood, but it is rooted in unadulterated ignorance.

Because many Africans do read, and they have been doing so for centuries past. But that is a story for another day.

Nevertheless, a simple testament that our reading culture is not dead is that you are reading this post.

However, no one will deny the fact that for some individuals, the commitment to reading ends after exiting from school.

They see no value in reading books, be it academic, professional, literary, religious, or titles meant for personal development.

These individuals make no effort to read or follow developments in their area of work.

However, an entrepreneur cannot afford to be ignorant about their business or industry.

He or she must continue to read, learn, and grow.

I have heard some entrepreneurs say:

“This is how we have always done it.”


This is how everybody else does it,”

Thereby exposing their reluctance to embrace new ideas or processes.

But life is not static.

Society changes and the ‘characteristics’ of your target audience may also evolve.

Whatever is static can grow stagnant.  And stagnation often leads to deterioration.


The ever-shifting business landscape

In my voyage as an entrepreneur, I have witnessed significant shifts in the business environment.

Once upon a time, the world of photography was driven by its analogue, Black and

White- Film-based cameras.


However, as the decades of the 21st Century trudged on, technology heralded fresh innovations.  Another invention, the Digital Photo camera came along.

I saw a few of the older film photographers ridicule the digital camera in its infancy.  They were cynical about the new technology.

But soon enough, digital cameras grew in quality and acceptance. And the tidal wave of change washed the old-timers aside.

With that, consumers gradually left the old guard, for the tech-savvy, new age, digital camera photographers.

Of course, the analogue Black and White device retains its pride of place as a respected forerunner.

But in the mainstream market space, digital cameras dominate.

Standing the Test of Time 

It is often said that the only thing permanent in life is change.

But how do you stay abreast of change?

How do you spot trends and change miles away, when others are not looking?

Reading is a sure path to understanding trends and spotting changes long before they occur.

To remain relevant in your industry, you need to keep reading and learning.

Without relevant knowledge and information, the challenges of running a business are exponential.

The books you read maybe about marketing, accounting, human resource, taxation, manufacturing, eCommerce, etc. Without the right knowledge or information, the barrier to success escalates.

That is why professionals warn that you do not jump into any business without adequate research or knowledge.

You can hire a consultant or better still, study, apprentice, and gain first-hand knowledge about a sector before you invest time and financial resources.

By reading industry books and related publications, it gets easier for you to spot trends, adapt, and position yourself for emerging opportunities.

Not all successful persons will reveal their strategies or game plan to competitors. But reading helps you unlock the doors of opportunity. It offers you a fighting chance against bigger players and a winning edge amongst competitors.


How do I read today?

Across the world, technology has redefined how we consume information.   Written texts are no longer confined to shelves in your study.  Books now exist as audio waves and digital codes.

They reside in your Smartphone, Personal Computer, Kindle, Tablet, and other digital devices.

So whatever format you prefer, whether ‘written, spoken, or digital codes’, they are all accessible.

Friends, books are treasure troves of knowledge and wisdom.

And reading is a sure path to digging, mining, and exploiting all of the gems contained in this inexhaustible goldmine.

It is a legit strategy to expand your mind and skill level. It can help you get your piece of the pie in the world of business and entrepreneurship.

So what was the last book you read?

What are you reading now?

Is there any title you’ll be glad to recommend to anyone reading this?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section so we all can learn from one another.

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