4 Simple But powerful Strategies To Help You Manage Your Time Better And Achieve Your Business Goals  

Dear Entrepreneur and Business owner,


Let’s talk about Time Management.

I bet for sure you have come across the statements below in one way or the other.

Time is money.  

Time waits for no one.

 Stop wasting time. 

Time Flies. 

Time will tell.

These are a few of the clichés or maxims that highlight the power and significance of time in our daily lives.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, time is one of your most valuable resources.

A bountiful gift nature has blessed humanity with on an equal basis.

This is because every person has an equal ‘quantity’ of time per day.

So while it is true that all fingers are not equal, it is not so with time.

Jeff Bezos of Amazon (one of the richest men in the world), POTUS 45, Donald Trump, President Buhari, and Mama Salimo, the food vendor in my Lagos neighborhood, all have the ‘same share’ from sunrise to sunset.

Thus, it is up to each person to invest or use their time as they deem fit.

You may lose money in business on one occasion, and make a triple-fold your investment another time.

A juicy contract may elude you today, but you could strike gold, going forward.

However, time is irretrievable.   Once it slips by, it’s gone for good.

Yet, as an entrepreneur with innumerable commitments and obligations, there are hardly enough hours for everything you wish to do.

So are their strategies one can adopt to accomplish more daily and achieve your business goals?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach because each person’s situation is different.

However, below are four tips that may assist you to get more work done, and achieve your business goals as scheduled.


 Strategies To Better Manage Your Time.


  1. Plan Ahead  By Creating A To-Do List


A simple but effective way to optimize time is to write down how you intend to use it.

That is, you list activities or tasks you wish to carry on a specific day and time.

The tasks may be identified in order of importance or priority.  The list could also indicate how long each task will take to complete.

By so doing, you mentally prepare for the work and can initiate preliminary action that is necessary for successful completion.

The simple act of creating a to-do list can help map out how your day will be spent and save the entrepreneur from filling the hours with unproductive activities.

So how do you create a To-Do list?

There are numerous software programs that enable you to do this digitally using your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, and PC, etc.

But note that your regular pen and paper is no less effective.

So do you have a list of things to do tomorrow, next week, the coming month, or in the new year?

That could be the road-map to fast-track your journey towards your goals.


  1. Delegation


Entrepreneurs are passionate about their businesses and are prepared to work long hours to get things done.

But there is a limit to what an individual can do in a single day, no matter how committed they are.

While you may be reluctant to delegate, (in the belief that the task may not be done properly), sometimes it is the smart thing to do.

By freeing up your itinerary, and leaving out some responsibilities for others, you have more time for critical tasks.

So what responsibilities can you delegate to others now? Think about it.


  1. Commit to your plan, but remain flexible


Drawing up a list of things to do is good. Sticking to it is better.  But, while it is good to follow your plan, it should not be cast in stone.

Hence, in writing your to-do list, and assigning a timeline for completion, it is good to factor in interruptions.

These may come from co-workers, customers, or employees who require your attention.

  1. Be wary of ‘time stealers’


In today’s technology-driven business environment, many people are online 24/7.

With mobile devices beeping and announcing messages by the second, it is important to schedule a time for the internet.   Otherwise, it may devour the best part of your productive hours.

Consider allotting a period of the day to deal with emails, social media, or other online activities.

However, for entrepreneurs who engage in digital marketing, e-commerce, or other online services, it is all part of the business activities.

They can invest as much time as required to achieve their goals.

Benefits of effective time management

Effective time management gives you more time to focus on non-business related activities, enhancing work-life balance.

It increases productivity and helps reduce stress.

An old song with a timeless message

Remember that classic song by veteran broadcaster Mike Enahoro (covered by Mike Okri in the eighties and many other artists)?

It goes like this;


“Time na money o,

Time na money

Use your time well,

No waka, waka,

No mago mago,

Money no dey fall from heaven,

Do better thin, money go come…

Na true word I dey tell you so…

Hold am o……”



The song says it all.


These are a few ideas to help you optimize your time from day by day.

What do you think?

Any tip or suggestion on how other entrepreneurs can optimize their time on a day to day and fast track the achievement of their business goals?

Feel free to comment so we can learn from one another, increase productivity, and grow our businesses.

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