Dear Entrepreneur and Business Owner,
Today is Father’s Day.
So let us pause and take a moment to celebrate all the fathers out there.
A good father is a ‘gift’ from above.
He is the seed, root, and foundation of many wonderful strides of an offspring – in the journey of life.
A true father is an angel of love and support. He shows affection in different ways.
He goes hungry, so you may feed. He deprives himself so you can have more.
He dishes punishment in the name of love. And ensure that the dream of a greater tomorrow is not compromised today.
He is a pillar and shelter in the troubled winds of life.
But please ooooooo, I do not mean to say a father is perfect.
A true father has strengths and weaknesses.
But the heart of a true father is larger than life.
So who is a true or real father?
If you ask me, I will say, a real father transcends biological ties.
He could be of different ethnicity, faith, or cultural background. It does not matter to me.
It’s all about the attributes of fatherhood. And he whose heart has enough space to accommodate you!
Thank you to all the true fathers out there.
Hey, my man, I bet you know that fatherhood is a lifelong responsibility. It transcends our time here.
That sounds surreal, but please ponder this thought.
Because when the father transitions, his footprints remain on the sands of time.
His words and actions continue to impact current and future generations.
So on this Father’s day, I cannot say thank you enough, my dear father.
But since a true father is a gift from above. I can only pray that the heavens recompense you.
Three “gbosas😍😍😍 to all the fathers out there, on this day. God bless you all.
Thank you for your unconditional love.
Share your thoughts below. Let’s celebrate the father you love and appreciate.




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